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A series of scripts to document and report on software changes

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Windows Update Delivery Optimization

I wanted to share my success story in setting up and using Microsoft’s Delivery Optimization for Windows Update. After some struggle, I have Delivery Optimizations working correctly in our organization. It was tough to find any information online about setting it up, I think because potentially delivering patches to other PCs on the Internet is

Script of the Day! WSUS-Scheduler

Powershell script that I’m just messing with at this point. The idea is that the admin (in this case me) is lazy and doesn’t want to remote in later to approve updates. Uses WSUS built in Powershell commands but makes it easier for the average user to do on a regular basis. Edit the top

Script of the Day! FormatScript.vbs

VBScripts are my favorite scripts. I’ve branched off into other scripting languages but still use the good old tried-and-true. Here is a format function that I created a while back. It’s meant to be used as a function within your favorite VBScript to format dates/times/numbers in the format specified. Enjoy! https://github.com/compuvin/Format-VBscript-ASP

GUI for SoftwareMatrix

Working on a GUI for the SoftwareMatrix project… Check out the progress here: https://github.com/compuvin/SoftwareMatrix-GUI/projects/1 Here’s a sneak peak at what it’ll look like 🙂

Script of the Day! RemoveUsers.ps1

This simple PowerShell script was designed to safely remove roaming profiles from a local machine. Roaming profiles leave a local copy of the profile on a local machine after the user has logged out. These profiles are never deleted by Windows and add up over time. Unfortunately just deleting the folder in C:\Users is not

PingScan 2.0

Working on version 2 of my Pingscan script… Check out the project on Github: https://github.com/compuvin/Pingscan2 Scans a range of IP addresses and reports to a MySQL database The idea behind this VBScript is to have one script that takes care of all that is needed to ping a range IP addresses and report the data

Hello world!

Future home of the WhatTheFOSS list and the SoftwareMatrix code. It’s going to be epic! Check back for updates as the page is created.